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Presentations, Workshops and Individual Coaching

Over the past decade, there has been an explosion in the knowledge of early brain development. WIRE ME with LOVE programs translate the latest scientific research on what babies need for optimal brain development into a language that is easy to understand and bring to interactions with children. 



Explore the Extraordinary Impact of Ordinary Acts of Parenting


The research confirms that relationships shape the brain and that the simple, everyday interactions in the first years of life shape all learning and development.  


Love Builds the Best Brain


Hugs, smiles, kisses, eye to eye contact and empathic responses, for example,  do more for brain development than structured learning activities. Nurturing, supportive interactions help children concentrate, think more clearly, set and achieve goals and form healthy relationships.


Simple Gestures, Lifelong Benefits


Warm, affectionate responses foster positive characteristics including confidence, curiosity, relatedness and cooperativeness. These qualities are considered by Early Head Start to be more important to school readiness than a knowledge of numbers and letters. Sensitive, attuned interactions also develop empathy, compassion, joy, generosity and a sense of well-being.


How to Build Healthy Patterns That Can Last a LIfetime


Early, secure attachments and sensitive, nurturing interactions lead to optimal development in all areas including social, emotional, cognitive, psychological, physiological, neurological and immunological processes.



Discover the Kinds of Early Experiences that Help Children:             

  • arrive at school ready to learn
  • focus, concentrate and think more clearly
  • feel optimistic, happy and peaceful
  • develop self-esteem and confidence
  • regulate their emotions and manage stress
  • develop empathy, compassion and concern
  • build optimal immunity and health in a range of areas
  • form healthy relationships throughout life


WIRE ME with LOVE programs for parents, caregivers, and early childhood educators; Individual and group programs and coaching sessions. For more information, contact Amy Hatkoff




Program Reviews


"This class gave us an amazing amount of information about children. It asked us to look at child rearing in a new light. I now understand the child's behavior as part of normal development and will respond more positively."
-Eleanor Smith


"This parenting seminar was great. I will go to everyone you ever have until my kids go to college... I wish we all had more time so the talk could have gone on longer."
-Scott Fellows


"I appreciated the instructor's breadth of knowledge and experience. I would love to take more of these workshops. "
-Alba Acevedo 


"I enjoyed the seminar very much. It was very informative and the instructor had many great suggestions and ideas for those times when the parent feels like they are about to lose it. It was great to learn that your feelings are very normal and you are not alone."
-Susan Guzman 


"I thought the class was excellent! I found the speaker to be very helpful in dealing with many issues and concerns that the parents who attended the classes had."
-Marissa Van Winckle




Organizations utilizing the WIRE ME with LOVE workshops:

Asphalt Green

Beth Israel Hospital

Bank Street College of Education Programs for Continued Learning

Children's Aid Society

Colgate Palmolive

Early Headstart Programs

New York's Women's Prison Association


Red Cross Shelters

Single Parent Resource Center

Tier 2 Shelters throughout NYC

West End Intergenerational Residence


Organizations using You Are My World: How a Parents Love Shaped a Baby's Mind  in their programs: 


All Our Kin

American Academy of Pediatrics, San Diego Chapter

Bank Street College, Continuing Professional Education

Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association

Colorado Bright Beginnings

El Paso County Public Health

Florida State University, Center for Prevention and Early Intervention 

Kaplan Early Learning Company

Loma Linda Perinatal Center

Maternal Child Health Initiatives

Northside Center for Child Development, NY

Rand Corporation

St. Luke's University Health Network

Tri-County Health Department, Colorado

Unita County Public, Wyoming

University of Maine