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"One generation full of deeply loving parents would change the brain of the next generation, and with that, the world."

- Charles Raison, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Arizona




The perfect gift for every parent, Shaped by Love: The Extraordinary Impact of Nurturing, explores the amazing effect of love on the developing brains of babies and toddlers.


Children's minds are molded by experience, and science tells us that the way a parent touches, holds, looks at, and responds to babies and toddlers has a lifelong impact on the way that this brand-new person will come to see the world and their place within it. Shaped by Love translates groundbreaking findings about what babies and young children need for positive outcomes in every area of development into a language that is easy for parents of all backgrounds to understand and bring to everyday interactions with their children. 
Each chapter of this indispensable parenting guide offers insights into developmental phases from infancy through toddlerhood and provides tools that will help parents and caregivers lay the foundation for healthy patterns that can last a lifetime.


Filled with irresistible images of babies and well-researched child-rearing advice, Shaped by Love details and celebrates the interactions between newborns and toddlers and the most significant people in their young lives—their parents and caregivers.


From the Book


 "Amy Hatkoff has written a wonderful guide for parents. She gives us a perfect understanding of how critical a child's early years are, how talking, singing, and lovingly interacting with children will have a profound impact on their lives. As we say, the first years last forever."

Rob Reiner
Actor, Screenwriter, Director, Co-Founder, Parents Action Committee  


"Amy Hatkoff asks us to consider what is required from first relationships to nurture a child into wholeness. Shaped by Love uses baby photos to inform us of the science on brain development including the fact that babies are fully programed neurologically in the womb with the need to connect. This book is the best parent and practitioner guidebook!"

Barbara Harper
RN, Midwife & Author  


"Kudos to Hatkoff for once again giving the world another treasure to help enhance infant-toddler-parent/caregiver relationships. This is an absolutely appealing, informative book that gives us the best of infant toddler development in a manner that both captivates and teaches. It should be widely disseminated to parents, caregivers, g-parents, educators and so many others. It is a gem!"

Thelma Dye
Ph.D. CEO/Executive Director, Northside Center for Child Development